The Anti-Graffiti Association

Urban Hygiene Ltd is a proud management member of the national Anti-Graffiti Association (AGA) which is now a part of the Keep Britain Tidy Group.

The Anti-graffiti Association was set up to promote the best practices in the management of graffiti, vandalism and related crime, and to disseminate that information to local authorities, housing associations, schools and all those concerned with graffiti removal, eradication, and abatement.

The Anti-Graffiti Association is composed of voluntary members, both corporate and individual who are established in the management of graffiti and vandalism and who promote the AGA’s constitution outlined below:


1)To promote graffiti removal as a professional, specialist operation and not as a general cleaning task by establishing and encouraging Best Practice in the work.

2) To freely exchange information and ideas on how to remove graffiti and protect surfaces from graffiti attack.

3) To monitor standards of work achieved by graffiti contractors and be an independent control body representing the consumer.

4) To promote and conduct training and education in all aspects of the work and, where possible, arrange certification and competence programmes.

5) To promote Environmental, Health & Safety and Conservation Awareness.

6) To act as a centralised and recognised representative group which can effectively lobby other bodies on matters relating to graffiti and vandalism.

7) To liaise with the British Standards Institute and other national bodies and provide input for British and other standards.

8) To provide an educational resource available to members and non-members alike.

9) To provide an advisory body for members and consumers through newsletters, meetings, seminars, and workshops.

10) To arrange national and international conferences on graffiti and vandalism.


As an Anti-Graffiti Association member Urban Hygiene Ltd and any of the other member companies listed below may be contacted for information regarding graffiti prevention and graffiti removal and are always happy to advise impartially wherever possible.

Manufacturers and Contractors

3M Scotchkote
AGS One Group Ltd (formerly Anti-Graffiti Systems Ltd)
Aura Graphics Ltd
CAL Contracts Ltd
Chela Ltd
Chicago Glass Ltd
Community Clean
Coo-Var (Teal & Mackrill Ltd)
Dacrylate Paints Ltd
Epicuro Ltd
Graffiti Doctor (a division of D Kershaw Ltd)
Graffiti Magic Ltd
Hydron Protective Coatings Ltd
Merlin Chemicals Ltd
Nordic Pioneer Ltd
Putzmeister Limited
The Block Sealer Co Ltd
Trion Tensid AB
Urban Hygiene Ltd

Transport providers

London Underground Ltd
Nexus Rail (Newcastle Metro)

Other organisations

Historic Scotland
Graffiti Dialogues

Further information regarding membership of the Anti-Graffiti Association or Keep Britan Tidy Group can be found on the Keep Britain Tidy Website or by contacting Urban Hygiene Ltd on 01302 623193 or via email:

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