5 Year Water based Epoxy Floor Paint


Ideal for Schools, Shops and Housing Associations this easy to apply, water-based 5-year life floor paint is available in a wide range of RAL colours and dries to form a super tough, long life flooring system suitable for high traffic areas in demanding locations. Desks, chairs and shoes pose it no problems and dirt, grease and grime can be easily lifted making this attractive finish floor paint extremely easy to maintain. With good moisture tolerance during application and excellent adhesion to concrete 5-year life floor paint aims to create good looking floors that look great whatever gets thrown at them.



easy-does-it 5 year floor paint

  • Resin flooring with industrial qualities
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces
  • Coloured resin based floor system
  • Super tough, hardwearing & durable
  • Fully cleanable, hygienic & washable
  • Both foot and vehicle traffic resistant
  • Available in Matt or Gloss finishes
  • Waterbased and 100% Solvent Free

Five Year School Floor Paint

  • Hard wearing, long life floor paint
  • Very good adhesion to concrete
  • Good chemical and spill resistance
  • Perfect for high foot traffic floors
  • Withstands stool, chair & table wear
  • Wide range of cool colours in stock
  • Naturally dustproof and dirt repelling
  • Anti-Slip / non-skid option available