Back To Black Tarmac Rejuvenator


Bring tired old driveways, pavements, carparks and playgrounds back to life with Urban’s easy-does-it Back To Black Tarmac Rejuvenator. Available in Red or Black, one coat of this solvent-free, decorative protection coating is all you will need to breathe new life into old tired tarmac sealed surfaces. With a super durable 10 year expected life and full oil, petrol, soiling and UV resistance Back To Black Tarmac Rejuvenator is the best way to improve the appearance of your tarmac floors. Ideal for Carparks, Playgrounds, Pathways and Drives.



  • Tarmac surface rejuvenator paint
  • Brings tarmac floors back to black
  • Avoids expensive drive resurfacing
  • Extends life of tarmac surfaces
  • Super durable long life coating
  • Resists and repels oil, petrol, grease
  • Covers existing stains and soiling
  • Resistant to road dirt and pollution
  • UV stable “stay black” formulation
  • Reduces weed growth moss and algae
  • Fully breathable – freeze thaw stable
  • UV, Chemical & abrasion resistant
  • Crack bridging and flexible sealer
  • Brush, Roller or Spray applied
  • Up to 10 years product performance