Clean & Protect 4 in 1 Ready To Use


Paramagnetically charged Clean & Protect is a building cleaning revolution! Advances in cleaning product technology have produced this new type of “Super Wet” multi-surface cleaner that is not only dirt removing, but also dust repelling. Producing a ground-breaking microscopic protein shield and with durable bonded biostatic antimicrobial technology this multi-purpose cleaner reads more like a science book than a cleaning spray and the results are irrefutable. Surfaces around the home or office that actively keep themselves hygienically clean and deodorised for up to 14 days. Amazing!




Multi-Surface Cleaner Spray

  • Paramagnetic cleaning technology
  • 4in1 clean, protect and deodorise
  • Anti-Static multi-surface cleaner
  • Safe to use, VOC and bleach free
  • Zero smell deodorising technology
  • Cleans fabrics, plastics and floors
  • Biocidal proven active ingredients
  • Tested effective against germs

Safe Multi-purpose Cleaner

  • Our #1 multi-purpose cleaner spray
  • Creates a germ fighting clean barrier
  • Prevents dirt, germs & soil adhering
  • Biostatic antimicrobial technology
  • Reduces cleaning/dusting frequency
  • “Dirt release” active cleaning agent
  • Multipurpose cleaner fluid and spray
  • Professional clean commercial grade