Clear Graffiti Resistant Paint


Clear Graffiti Resistant Paint is a semi-gloss, permanent finish, ideal for maintaining natural appearances. This 10-year life expectancy, graffiti-resistant paint is completely water washable, which avoids the need for costly graffiti removal products. Graffiti Resistant Paint is a permanent, ‘non-sacrificial’ anti-graffiti system which will not require reapplication once graffiti removal takes place. Real world testing has shown that our Clear Graffiti Resistant Paint can withstand 100’s of cleaning operations without damage, and can even withstand high-pressure graffiti removal methods.



Clear Graffiti-Resistant Paint

  • Clear graffiti resistant AG paint
  • Can be applied to all substrates
  • Incredible 10-year life expectancy
  • Remove graffiti with just tap water
  • One coat application on clean walls
  • Save on graffiti removal products
  • Resists all forms of graffiti media
  • Reduces graffiti removal times

Clear Anti-Graffiti Paint

  • Long life clear anti-graffiti paint
  • Withstands high-pressure washers
  • Resists permanent marker pen tags
  • Repels graffiti spray paint tagging
  • Effective fly-poster/sticker prevention
  • Single pack graffiti resistant paint
  • Brush, Roller or Spray applied
  • Water washable anti-graffiti paint