easy-does-it™ Chewing Gum Remover


Easy-does-it Chewing Gum Removal Liquid comes in ready to use handy sprays and can be dispensed straight onto the offending chewing gum. Whether it’s paths, playgrounds of pavements you wish to make gum-free or you’ve had the misfortune of getting gum on your favourite clothing, shoe sole or car seat, easy-does-it Chewing Gum Remover Sprays are the right choice for you, melting and softening the gum and enabling it to be scraped, wiped or picked off any surface quickly and easily.



  • Conveniently applied by trigger spray
  • Dissolves and removes chewing gum
  • Removes gum from carpets/upholstery
  • Cleans hard surfaces like floors easily
  • Perfect for pavement/path gum removal
  • All-purpose chewing gum remover
  • Dissolves chewing gum/bubble gum
  • Professional chewing gum removal spray
  • Cleans gum from fabrics and clothes
  • Works on all hard-washable surfaces
  • Remove gum from car seats/sofas/chairs
  • Gum can be wiped, scraped, or picked off
  • It is advisable to spot test all surfaces first