easy-on Durable Wall Cladding Alternative


easy-on Super Durable Wall Cladding Alternative, available in standard wall protection and Biomaster enhanced wall protection levels, is the plastic cladding alternative you’ve been looking for! Applied like a normal varnish paint by brush, roller or spray, easy-on Super Durable Wall Cladding Alternative cures to form a wipe clean, quartz crystal tough, 20-year life wall protection system that can be cleaned 1000’s of times without the need for reapplication and will deflect all damage, graffiti vandalism, shoe scuffs and dirt or hand prints with the Biomaster enhanced “hygienic cladding” variant also inhibiting the growth of bacteria by up to 99.99% thanks to safe silver ion technology.



Plastic Wall Cladding Alternative

  • 20-year life hygienic wall protection
  • Seamless wall protection coating
  • Vastly extend redecoration intervals
  • Class 0 fire rated and solvent free
  • Easy brush, roller or spray apply
  • Durable wall cladding alternative
  • Can be cleaned 1000’s of times

Paint on Hygienic Wall Cladding

  • Scuff, damage and dirt resistant
  • Can be applied to any substrate
  • One coat application. 4hr cure
  • SApply over paint or onto natural
  • Cladding comparable performance
  • Anti-graffiti, graffiti proof paint
  • The ultimate protective coating
  • Full antimicrobial system available