easy-off Safe Clean Graffiti Removal Kit


easy-off safe graffiti removal kits are perfect for individuals, young or old, looking to tackle graffiti vandalism in their neighbourhood. Chosen by community groups and often issued to members of the general public, school pupils or Scout Groups, these fully recyclable easy-off safe graffiti removal kits contain everything you need to clean graffiti from all vandalised non-porous surfaces. Designed primarily with user safety in mind easy-off graffiti removal kits can be confidently handed out at community clean-up days and enable anyone to effortlessly remove graffiti tags and spray paint vandalism from play park equipment, subways, street furniture and bus shelters. Presented in a fully recyclable tough and durable cardboard box, easy-off graffiti removal kits are the safe and environmentally friendly way to remove graffiti and clean-up your neighbourhood.



Graffiti Removal Kit Contents

  • Professional graffiti removal kit
  • Contains a full range of items:
  • easy-off safe graffiti remover
  • Tough and absorbent cloths
  • Eye goggles and latex gloves
  • Stiff bristle scrubbing brush
  • easy-off graffiti removal wipes
  • Recyclable durable box + handle
Graffiti Removal Kit Benefits

  • Contains 100% safe graffiti remover
  • Plus additional “best practice” PPE
  • Suitable for any smooth hard surface
  • Plastic and powder coating tested
  • Can be used by anyone, young or old
  • Anti-graffiti paint coating compatible
  • Environmental & biodegradable
  • Perfect for community cleanup days