easy-off Super Thick Gel Graffiti Remover


easy-off Super Thick Gelled Graffiti Remover makes removing graffiti quick, safe, effective and simple. The thick gelled formulation of this well known fast-acting graffiti remover ensures maximum contact is achieved between the active ingredients and the graffiti vandalised porous or non-porous surface. easy-off Super Thick Gelled Graffiti Remover cleans all types of graffiti including graffiti spray-paint, permanent marker pen, ink, and dye-based graffiti media and is completely plastic safe and simple to use.



easy-off Gelled Graffiti Remover

  • Industrial strength graffiti remover
  • For non-porous and porous surfaces
  • Removes ink, marker pen, and paint
  • Thick gelled easy-off formulation
  • Gel works to extend contact time
  • Fresh citrus aroma smells great
  • Our latest safe gel graffiti remover

easy-off Gel Graffiti Remover

  • Quickly removes graffiti from walls
  • OK to be used by the general public
  • Chosen by commercial cleaning Co’s
  • Tested plastic & polycarbonate safe
  • COSHH & CHIPP compliant cleaner
  • Supplied in ready to use 20l drums
  • Brush on, leave to act, wash off