easy-on™ Anti-Graffiti Fence Varnish


easy-on Anti-Graffiti Fence Varnish is ideally suited to smooth planed wooden fence panels, sheds, gates and picket fencing producing. Usually applied in just one coat (two may be required for very porous wooden surfaces) easy-on Anti-Graffiti Fence Varnish dries with a colour enhancing gloss finish that will provide up to 20 years of resistance to graffiti, UV, weathering and soil. Graffiti may be removed 1000’s of times, using mild and safe graffiti removers, without graffiti shadows or graffiti ghosting remaining and without the need for reapplication. Solvent-free easy-on cures in around 4 hours and protects all types of wood including pressure treated, hardwood, softwood and painted.



  • Gloss finish anti-graffiti wood varnish
  • For fences, panelling, gates and sheds
  • Resists all types of graffiti paint / pens
  • Allows for the instant removal of tags
  • Enhances wood grain and details
  • Safe to use with mild graffiti remover
  • Permanent anti-graffiti coating
  • Solvent-free, Low VOC and Odour
  • Easily applied to any wood surface
  • Cleans 1000’s of times without wearing
  • Incredible 20+ year permanent life
  • Resists UV, weathering and rain
  • Hydrophobic, oleophobic and lipophobic
  • Makes graffiti removal quick and easy