Eco Safe Plastic and Glass Cleaner


Eco Plastic and Glass Cleaner is a professional A+ grade glass cleaner liquid with all the Eco credentials you’re looking for. Strictly not tested on animals and 100% biodegradable this solvent free plastic and glass cleaning liquid cuts effortlessly through grease, punches through traffic film, blasts through bug splats and always leaves windows, mirrors, windscreens and every single glass surface brilliantly clean and smear and fingerprint free. Perfect for home and office window cleaning or as a winter grade car or train screenwash Eco Glass Cleaner is available in glass cleaning super sprays, 5ltr plastic jerry cans or 25ltr “professional” window cleaner drums.



Safe Plastic and Glass Cleaner

  • High-Performance Eco Glass Cleaner
  • Streak and smear free cleaning action
  • Remove fingerprints, fats and grease
  • Cuts through traffic film and grime
  • Professional glass cleaning solution
  • Window, mirror and glass cleaner
  • Eco-Friendly and biodegradable
  • Fresh, pleasant, natural clean smell

Eco Glass and Mirror Cleaner

  • Glass, mirror and window cleaner
  • Plastic window frame safe formula
  • Easily cuts through thick grease
  • Always leaves a streak free shine
  • Windows look flawlessly clean
  • Mirrors shine brighter than ever
  • Glass is left smear and streak free
  • Leaves car windscreens sparkling