Fast Drying Moisture Tolerant Floor Primer


Fast Curing Primer is a rubberised solvent-based primer formulated to promote excellent adhesion between substrate and waterproofing membranes. Applied directly onto “green” concrete, masonry, wood or damp substrates onto which a damp proof self- adhesive membrane is subsequently applied. Prepares the substrate to ensure strong bond development between the substrate and membrane.



Fast Drying Floor Primer

  • Rubberised Fast Floor Primer
  • Quick drying in around 30 mins
  • Ensures strong bond development
  • Can be applied to “Green” concrete
  • Masonry, Wood or Damp substrates
  • Excellent moisture tolerance
  • Suitable most flooring systems

Adhesion Promoting Primer

  • Strong bond primer for floors
  • Touch dry in around 30 mins
  • Bonds substrate to membrane
  • Coverage of around 10M2 / Ltr
  • Solvent-based for rapid curing
  • All Temperature application
  • Supplied in easy cover black