Gripfast Non-Slip Resin Floor Paint


Gripfast non-slip resin floor kits combine our super durable resin floor paint with a maximum friction aggregate (Mohs 9) to produce a long life slip-resistant high grip flooring system impervious to lifting or peeling (a common complaint with self-adhesive anti-slip floor tapes). Fully vehicle trafficable and with excellent oil, chemical and spill resistance, Gripfast non-slip paint is available in a range of BS colours and perfect for all internal and external applications including stair nosings, station platforms and factory and warehouse floors.



Non-Slip Resin Floor Paint

  • Long lasting grip & slip prevention
  • Durable Non-slip resin floor paint
  • Good oil, grease and dirt resistance
  • Pendulum Test Value (PTV): 65 wet
  • High friction aggregate: Mohs 9
  • Solvent free, fast drying & low odour
  • Available in a range of BS colours

Gripfast Anti-Slip Stair Nosing

  • Reduce skidding and improve safety
  • Perfect for stair nosings and edges
  • Professional Gloss Floor Paint Finish
  • Suitable for all industrial applications
  • For primed concrete, metal and wood
  • No peel, tear or lift like non-slip tapes
  • Suitable for foot or vehicle trafficking