Palms Natural Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner


Be kind to your skin but tough on hand washing with Palms Heavy Duty Natural Hand Cleaner. Packed full of essential oils and with a pleasant lavender aroma, Palms hand cleanser leaves your hands clean and feeling refreshed thanks to the all natural coconut palm husk abrasives that replace the un-ecologically friendly microbeads, found in so many of today’s hand cleansing products. Be kind to the environment and to your skin with Palms Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner and Hand Sanitiser. Not tested on animals and kind to sensitive skin.

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Palms Hand Cleanser Sanitiser

  • Natural skin care for dirty hands
  • Non-toxic and alcohol-free soap
  • Gentle to skin but hard on dirt
  • Natural coconut husk hand cleaner
  • Not tested on animals. Eco safe
  • Abrasive texture for deep cleaning
  • Contains only natural ingredients

Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

  • Tough on germs but kind to hands
  • Cleans dirt, grease, oils and paint
  • Washes and sanitises hands in one
  • A must need for cleaning supplies
  • Gently & effectively sanitises hands
  • Replenishes your skin’s natural oils
  • Natural Palm Handwashing Cleanser