Multi-Surface Cleaner (Ready to use)


Urban “easy-does-it” – Multi-Surface Cleaner is a super-wet, advanced multi-surface cleaner, suitable for multi-purpose cleaning of all hard floors, surfaces and walls. Working at the surface/contaminant interface “easy-does-it” – Multi-Surface Cleaner’s active agents break through the surface tension and penetrate to the core of dirt and to break the bonds holding contaminants to the surface. Released dirt can then be easily removed by washing or rinsing leaving surfaces clean and more resistant to the future build-up of fresh dirt. Urban “easy-does-it” – Multi-Surface Cleaner is non-toxic and non-hazardous, taint-free and contains zero VOC’s so is safe to use in food preparation areas as well as other hard surfaces including concrete, stainless steel, wood, ceramic, rubber, plastic, vinyl and safety floors.

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  • Ready to use Multi-Surface Cleaner
  • Suitable for all multi-purpose cleaning
  • Strong and safe cleaning product
  • Unperfumed taint-free cleaner
  • Sold in ready to use 5ltr jerry cans
  • For interior or exterior surfaces
  • Solvent-free cleaning solution
  • Cleans walls, floors, doors and surfaces
  • Non-toxic – Non-Hazardous – Zero VOC
  • Advanced Multi-Surface Cleaner
  • Super-wet cleaning technology
  • Works at surface/contaminant interface
  • Highly recommended for floors
  • Quick-acting cleaner and degreaser