Clear Non Darkening Acrylic Sealer Coat


Non-Darkening Acrylic Sealer was developed to lessen and in some cases completely rule out the “wetting” or darkening effect caused by the application of clear coatings to natural substrates. Concrete, brick, stone, and masonry substrates generally take on a “wet look” or darkened appearance once anti-graffiti clear coatings are applied. This is because these coatings generally inhibit the reflection of light coming from the surface to our eyes. Non-Darkening Acrylic Sealer “primes” the natural stone or concrete surface, promoting inter-coat adhesion whilst reducing coating absorption, this reduces darkening and can greatly improve spread rates and coverage.



Non-Darkening Sealer

  • Clear acrylic sealer and primer
  • Suitable for highly porous surfaces
  • Lessens the darkening / wet effect
  • easy-on & Flygo compatible
  • Breathable, porous surface sealer
  • Excellent bond to common surfaces
  • Resists water and salt type stains

Acrylic Primer Sealer

  • Waterbased wall primer sealer coat
  • Low odour. Safe to use in & outside
  • Easy apply, fast drying formulation
  • Reduces concrete “wet look” effect
  • Seals natural surfaces prior to paint
  • Improves spread rates and coverage
  • Resistant to mould discolouration