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Wall protection for School corridors

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Schools choose easy-on anti-graffiti clear glaze to protect their high traffic corridor and stairwell walls. Super durable easy-on deflects damage and resists scuffing, staining and graffiti for 20+ years meaning school walls stay looking fresh, hygienic, and clean without the need for constant redecoration. 20-year life easy-on is proven to save schools time, money, and effort in the pursuit of impeccable cleanliness and appearance standards and meets with all internal and external fire, safety, and building standards.

This high durability paint protection film can be applied by you your local painting and decorating firm or specified and applied by larger decorating companies such as Mitie, Bells, Bagnalls, or Trident.

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Continuing to Support Schools

We would like to confirm to our customers that we are continuing to support all of our customers. Many Schools are understandably seizing these times