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Wall Protection Products

Urban Hygiene’s range of internal and external wall protection coatings combines super durability with ultimate protection. Whether you’re trying to protect against graffiti in a subway or protect your hospital from a superbug, our URBAN range of paints and coatings will deliver. Clear finishes are available in many products or a full range of RAL or BS colours can be provided. Please call our technical team if you don’t see listed online the colour you require.

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  • Anti-Graffiti Coating easy-on Clear Glaze
  • Art Varnish

    £53.99£359.99 Select options
  • Sacrificial Anti-Graffiti Coating System - 5ltr
  • easy-on+ Biomaster Antimicrobial Paint
  • Coloured Graffiti Resistant Paint
  • easy-on Clear Whiteboard Paint
  • easy-on - Asbestos Encapsulation Paint - 4.5ltr

    Asbestos Sealant

    £197.99£359.99 Select options
  • Clear Graffiti Resistant Paint
  • Anti-Mould Wall and Ceiling Varnish - 4.5ltr

    Anti-Mould Varnish

    £59.99£431.99 Select options
  • Clear Non Darkening Acrylic Sealer Coat
  • Anti Carbonation Paint Coating 10ltr