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Urban Hygiene Ltd: Approved by SYPOL!

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Urban Hygiene Ltd: Approved by SYPOL!

Urban Hygiene Ltd are proud to have the first anti-graffiti product range in the UK to be approved by SYPOL the Worlds leading provider of workplace risk management services.

Under the new Health and Safety, guidelines set out by the National Anti Graffiti Association (AGA) all anti-graffiti and graffiti removal products must be reviewed by SYPOL and their relevant safety data sheets and Health and Safety information put into an easily understood format.

This will give councils, housing associations, schools, companies and the general public much more information and allow them to make a more informed choice when it comes to graffiti removers and anti-graffiti coatings.
“Urban Hygiene Ltd have always operated a policy of complete transparency with their products and anything we can do to help our customers make the most operative friendly and environmentally friendly choice has to be a good thing.” Says Urban Hygiene Director, Mark Johnson

Urban Hygiene and the Anti Graffiti Association both hope this action will encourage all anti-graffiti product users to reassess the products they are currently using and turn to the safer products now available that are every bit as effective as their old-fashioned “heavy chemical” alternatives.

We also have an article on the Approved Business website.

19 October 2010

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