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New Product

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easy-off Super Thick Gel Graffiti Remover

We are very excited to announce that we have launched a brand new product.

Our best selling and well-loved graffiti removal product ‘easy-off’, is now available in an easy to use gel formulation.

We have been working on making easy-off liquid easier to use when it is applied to walls. Adding a gelling agent to the original easy-off liquid formulation was a lot easier said than done. After many hours of work, we found the perfect way to turn it into a gel.

easy-off Super Thick Gelled Graffiti Remover makes removing graffiti quick, safe, effective and simple. The thick gelled formulation of this well known fast-acting graffiti remover ensures maximum contact is achieved between the active ingredients and the graffiti vandalised porous or non-porous surface. easy-off Super Thick Gelled Graffiti Remover cleans all types of graffiti including graffiti spray-paint, permanent marker pen, ink, and dye-based graffiti media and is completely plastic safe and simple to use.

Gel Graffiti Remover
Gelled Graffiti Removal Product

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