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easy-on Hygienic Wall Cladding Alternative

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Hygienic Wall Cladding systems have become extremely commonplace in high traffic areas around hospitals, schools and social housing projects. The benefits are clear to see with issues surrounding durability, redecoration, graffiti and damage all being controlled.

Unfortunately, like so many solutions plastic cladding can have its problems; it’s certainly very expensive to purchase and install and once fitted it can hide problems such as leaks or deterioration of the substrate underneath. Furthermore, any sort of repair is time-consuming and expensive and once the wall protection system comes to the end of its expected life, then complete removal and replacement can be almost as costly as the savings you’ve gained over time.

Great news!!! There’s now a seamless wall cladding alternative that is cheap to install, easy to repair and has all of the durability and longevity benefits that don’t cost the earth – either environmentally OR financially!!

easy-on Super Durable Wall Cladding Alternative, available in standard wall protection and Biomaster enhanced wall protection levels, is the plastic cladding alternative you’ve been looking for! Applied like a normal varnish paint by brush, roller or spray, easy-on Super Durable Wall Cladding Alternative cures to form a wipe clean, quartz crystal tough, 20-year life wall protection system that can be cleaned 1000’s of times without the need for reapplication and will deflect all damage, graffiti vandalism, shoe scuffs and dirt or hand prints with the Biomaster enhanced “hygienic cladding” variant also inhibiting the growth of bacteria by up to 99.99% thanks to safe silver ion technology.

Both of these systems simply paint over your existing clean or newly decorated wall coverings and offer seamless wall protection comparable to plastic cladding, wall cladding and hygienic cladding wall protection systems – at a fraction of the cost.

For further information please see our webpage where you will be able to download a flyer, data sheets or MSDS.

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Hygienic Wall Cladding
easy-on paint on wall cladding alternative

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