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easy-does-it: De-scaler and Disinfectant


easy-does-it De-scaler and Disinfectant is a is a super concentrated cleaning product designed for use on a wide range of kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and sanitary ware. Its thick viscous nature means it clings to vertical surfaces, improving contact time and increasing its effectiveness. easy-does-it: De-scaler and Disinfectant is highly effective at removing water stains, limescale, rust marks and algae, even where they have been ingrained and present for a long time. Brighten up your tiles, porcelain and sanitary ware today and say goodbye to unsightly marks, stains and build-up.

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  • Strong De-scaler and Disinfectant
  • Contains less than 10% phosphoric acid
  • Removes surface staining non sanitary wear
  • Removes rust, water, algae and mould stains
  • Deep cleans to bright clean dirt free shine
  • Can also be used on masonry type surfaces
  • Thick viscous liquid clings to vertical surfaces
  • Pleasant fresh aroma that overwrites smells
  • Powerful, professional grade disinfectant
  • Deep cleaning toilet stain remover chemical

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