Anti-Graffiti Coating easy-on Clear Glaze


easy-on permanent anti-graffiti coating is our #1 transparent, graffiti resistant finish for all internal and external walls, bridges, subways, murals and street art. Applied by brush, roller or spray, one coat easy-on anti-graffiti clear glaze cures to a graffiti resistant finish in 4 hours and easily withstands hundreds of graffiti removal operations over its proven 20-year life. easy-on anti-graffiti coating is effective against all types of graffiti media including permanent marker pen, spray paint and fly-poster attacks, so whether you’re looking to protect the latest Banksy, defend a subway, bridge or shopping centre from unwanted graffiti vandalism or keep your train, bus or street signs looking pristine, easy-on permanent anti-graffiti coating is the clear graffiti resistant varnish for you.



easy-on Anti-Graffiti Coating

  • Clear Gloss Anti-graffiti coating
  • Easily applied to any surface
  • Incredible 20+ year permanent life
  • easy-on withstands 100’s of cleans
  • Class 0 Fire Rated graffiti protection
  • Best value wall cladding alternative
  • Permanent anti-graffiti coating

Anti-Graffiti Wall Protection

  • Single coat wall protection coating
  • Saves painted and unpainted walls
  • Resists all permanent marker pens
  • Repels graffiti spray paint tagging
  • Safe with easy-off graffiti remover
  • Permanent anti-graffiti resistance
  • Solvent-free, Low VOC and Odour
  • Protects graffiti murals & street art