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Epoxy Mortar


Fastpatch industrial concrete floor repair system is a fast curing, impact resistant, repair mortar, floor screed and hole filler for all gaps, patches and cracks in concrete and masonry floors. Ideal for factories, warehouses and goods yards, Fastpatch high strength epoxy resin mortar repair requires no primer and simply trowels into holes to form a flush, shrink resistant and frost resistant floor repair that can withstand vehicle traffic within hours of being mixed and applied. Available in a range of colours to suit your requirements and equally at home inside or out, UV stable Fastpatch floor repair kits make masonry and concrete floor repairing quick, safe and simple.

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  • High Strength Epoxy Resin Mortar
  • Quick concrete floor repair system
  • Simple, pre-packed & ready to use
  • Fast curing quick floor repair kit
  • High impact & abrasion resistance
  • Impervious to water, ice and frost
  • High bond. No primer required
  • Concrete floor epoxy repair mortar
  • Instantly repair damage to floors
  • Cures well under damp conditions
  • Fill holes in floors and bridge cracks
  • High strength trafficable floor repair
  • UV stable – internal or external uses
  • Full range of epoxy colours available


Crack Bridging

Easily repair cracks in any concrete floor with Fastpatch floor repair kits. Supplied in either 5kg or 10kg ready to deploy kits, Fastpatch is the safe, clean and easy way to smooth over cracks and get great looking floors. Simply combine the two components using a spatula or low-speed stirrer and then trowel the quick drying epoxy mortar into the crack that requires filling being sure to clean off any extra.

Hole Filling

Fastpatch is ideal for large holes or deep cracks in masonry and concrete floors too. Simply combine the two components supplied in the Fastpatch concrete repair kit and then trowel or layer the high strength epoxy mortar into the hole needing to be filled being sure not to create any air pockets. Trowel off the top layer once level with the rest of the floor to produce a strong trafficable concrete repair that will withstand warehouse traffic such as forklift trucks and side loaders, once fully cured.

Data Sheets

Fastpatch Base SDS

Fastpatch Cure SDS

Epoxy Mortar Data Sheet


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