Invisible Wooden Decking Sealer


Protect and revive wooden surfaces for up to 10 years with Urban’s – “easy-does-it” Invisible Wooden Decking Sealer, perfect for decking, fencing, wooden panelling and worktops inside and out. This super durable long-life impregnation coating penetrates deep into wood such as oak, spruce, pine, Douglas fir, (and even pressure-treated wood) to upgrade its durability and give an unparalleled level of protection from weathering, spills, UV and dirt. Invisible Wooden Decking Sealer will reduce the maintenance your wooden surfaces require whilst simultaneously extending their lifespan. Solvent-free protection for all of your oak, pine, Douglas fir and spruce wooden fences, decking and surfaces.

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  • Suppresses residual damp/moisture
  • Clear, invisible protection for wood
  • Greatly enhances durability
  • Hydrophobic water repelling
  • Resists oil, petrol and grease
  • Decreases the aging of wood
  • Solvent free-Environmentally friendly
  • Resistant to dirt, UV and pollution
  • Freeze – thaw stable (breathable)
  • Resistant to rain and weathering
  • Prevents moss and algae build-up
  • Reduces annual maintenance required
  • Fantastic 10 year expected performance
  • For wood decking, fencing and panelling