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Non Slip Paint


Gripfast non-slip resin floor kits combine our super durable resin floor paint with a maximum friction aggregate (Mohs 9) to produce a long life slip-resistant high grip flooring system impervious to lifting or peeling (a common complaint with self-adhesive anti-slip floor tapes). Fully vehicle trafficable and with excellent oil, chemical and spill resistance, Gripfast non-slip paint is available in a range of BS colours and perfect for all internal and external applications including stair nosings, station platforms and factory and warehouse floors.

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  • Long lasting grip & slip prevention
  • Durable Non-slip resin floor paint
  • Good oil, grease and dirt resistance
  • Pendulum Test Value (PTV): 65 wet
  • High friction aggregate: Mohs 9
  • Solvent free, fast drying & low odour
  • Available in a range of BS colours
  • Reduce skidding and improve safety
  • Perfect for stair nosings and edges
  • Professional Gloss Floor Paint Finish
  • Suitable for all industrial applications
  • For primed concrete, metal and wood
  • No peel, tear or lift like non-slip tapes
  • Suitable for foot or vehicle trafficking


Train Station Platforms

Solvent Free Gripfast High-Grip Anti-Slip Floor Paint lends itself perfectly for Railway Station Platform protection. Solvent Free, Quick Drying and Low Odour Gripfast can be trafficked in as little as 8 hours and provides all the hard wearing anti-slip floor protection a rail platform requires. Available in a range of colours including hazard yellow, Gripfast non-slip floor coating has been painted onto station platforms and train carriages and meets with all rail safety guidelines. Please contact us directly for prices on larger slip-resistant coating quantities.

Warehouse and Factory Floors

The super durable, Mohs 9 hardness, high-quality aluminium oxide aggregate Gripfast anti-slip floor paint contains is “vehicle grade” meaning it can be driven over and trafficked repeatedly without it quickly wearing away or it’s slip resistance being overly compromised. This makes it the ideal high-grip floor for warehouses or factories where forklift trucks and side loaders are prevalent. Also truck loading ramps and loading bays where slip and skid resistance is paramount.

Stair Nosings

Avoid stair slip and trip accidents by applying Gripfast non-slip floor paint to stair nosings and stair treads. Available in a wide range of contrasting colours for the partially sighted this durable slip-resistant coating will cure to form the ultimate high-grip surface which can’t peel, lift or tear as adhesive non-slip tapes sometimes can.

Data Sheets

Gripfast Base SDS

Gripfast Cure SDS

Non Slip Paint Data Sheet


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