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Non Stick Paint


Flygo Clear Anti-Fly poster Paint prevents adhesives such as glue, wallpaper paste, and even Superglue from adhering to walls protected by its non-stick finish. Unsolicited advertising posters will not adhere and the increasingly common “Sticker-Bomb” Graffiti attack is rendered ineffective as Sticker Based Graffiti Tags blow away. Flygo Anti-Fly poster Paint protects Street Furniture, Roller Shutters, Lampposts and any other external surface that may be attacked and is a “True Permanent” solution to the Fly poster problem with a single application of this Adhesive Resistant Coating lasting more than 20 years without the need for reapplication.

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  • Clear finish anti-fly poster coating
  • Can be applied to any substrate
  • Permanent system lasts for 20 years
  • Simple to apply single pack paint
  • Durable, effective, sticker protection
  • Protection from fly posting & graffiti
  • Matt finish and long-lasting resistance
  • Repels fly posters and sticker-bombs
  • Ideal for street furniture and cabinets
  • Posters fall off or are easily peeled
  • No water or solvent cleaning needed
  • Permanent finish. No need to reapply
  • Clear. Maintains natural appearances
  • Resists sticker-bomb graffiti attacks

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