Soft Wash Algae Remover


Soft Wash Algae Remover is Deep action façade / render cleaner with a powerful biocide and paramagnetic cleaning technology combined. Together this trifactor of building cleaning chemicals cut through dirt grime and traffic film, kill algae, green moss, and wall lichens and guarantee the sort of long life clean building performance FM companies, building managers, and building cleaning professionals are looking for. Available in ready to use or best value concentrate.



Soft Wash Algae Remover

  • Safe building facade cleaner
  • Kills algae, moss, and lichens
  • Plastic, polycarb and UPVC safe
  • Cleans K-rend  and cladding
  • Decking, tarmac, brick and stone
  • Paramagnetic repels future dirt
  • Available ready to use or concentrate

Safe Soft Wash Biocide

  • Long lasting cleaner performance
  • easy and economical to use
  • Pressurewasher compatible
  • Can be used on horizontal surfaces
  • Breaks down mould and mildew
  • Removes gutter stains and grime
  • Fabric orning and canopy safe