Traffic Film Remover Strong TFR


Tough on road film, green algae and grease but environmentally considerate and user-friendly, our Max Safe TFR – Traffic Film Remover was developed for use on all roadside and trackside surfaces including road signs, street cabinets and all types of transport. Supplied in ready to use 500ml sprays or 5lr plastic jerry cans, just one application of this road grime fighting Eco liquid blasts through even the toughest most baked on grease, dirt and algae. 100% compatible with all types of pressure washer and just as effectively applied by manual means, Max Safe TFR is the answer to all your roadside, vehicle, caravan and alloy wheel cleaning needs.



Traffic Film Remover – TFR

  • Safe Traffic Film Remover – TFR
  • Powerful road film dirt remover
  • Cleaning and degreasing action
  • Fast acting and 100% safe TFR
  • Excellent fly and bug eradication
  • Solvent free non-caustic formula
  • Safe to use on rubber and plastics
  • Fully Biodegradable – waterbased

TFR – Trafic Film Remover

  • Pre-Mixed or Concentrate available
  • Eco Traffic Film Remover liquid
  • Cuts through road film and grease
  • Leaves roadsigns gleaming bright
  • Cleans all roadside street furniture
  • Safe to use on cars, buses and trains
  • Wax, polish and sealant safe cleaner
  • Compatible with all pressure washers