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Traffic Film Remover Strong TFR


Tough on road film, green algae and grease but environmentally considerate and user-friendly, our Max Safe TFR – Traffic Film Remover was developed for use on all roadside and trackside surfaces including road signs, street cabinets and all types of transport. Supplied in ready to use 500ml sprays or 5lr plastic jerry cans, just one application of this road grime fighting Eco liquid blasts through even the toughest most baked on grease, dirt and algae. 100% compatible with all types of pressure washer and just as effectively applied by manual means, Max Safe TFR is the answer to all your roadside, vehicle, caravan and alloy wheel cleaning needs.

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  • Powerful road film dirt remover
  • Cleaning and degreasing action
  • Fast acting and 100% safe TFR
  • Excellent fly and bug eradication
  • Solvent free non-caustic formula
  • Safe to use on rubber and plastics
  • Fully Biodegradable – waterbased
  • Eco Traffic Film Remover liquid
  • Cuts through road film and grease
  • Leaves roadsigns gleaming bright
  • Cleans all roadside street furniture
  • Safe to use on cars, buses and trains
  • Wax, polish and sealant safe cleaner
  • Compatible with all pressure washers


Caravan and Motorhome Cleaning

The plastic safe formulation of Max Safe TFR lends itself ideally to the cleaning of Caravans and Motorhomes. Windows, decals and rubber Seals are all safely cleaned with this amazing Traffic Film Remover which won’t damage surfaces like some caustic TFR’s may do. Max Safe TFR is especially effective at removing black streak marks under rainwater gutters and gullies – Simply apply, leave to work for a minute, and then wipe to reveal a clean white and bright surface.

Algae and Green Organic Growth Remover

Packed with organic Quats, Max Safe TFR – Traffic Film Remover breaks down Green Algae, Green Moss and Green Organic matter growth in seconds leaving areas prone to such organic mould and moss growth looking refreshed and clean. Furthermore, thanks to the Paramagnetic cleaning technology contained within each drop, Max Safe TFR will protect your cleaned surfaces from future Green Growth for up to 10 months!

Alloy Wheel Cleaner

You won’t believe your eyes when you try Max Safe TFR on your cars alloy wheels! Ground in break dust simply lifts away from the alloy, even in hard to reach corners and crevices. Simply spray apply – work in with a brush or a cloth – leave for 2 mins and then pressure wash away to leave alloy wheels looking like new. Once again Max Safe TFR’s paramagnetic technology remains on the surface to physically repel future dirt and prevent brake dust from re-adhering so wheels stay looking cleaner for longer and ongoing cleaning takes less and less time.

Sign Wash

Even the most neglected old street sign will be given a new lease of life once Max Safe TFR – Traffic Film Remover is applied. Instantly cutting through years of Traffic-film, green algae and even graffiti, Max Safe TFR blasts away dirt and leaves street signs colourful, reflective and bright.

Carbon Deposit Remover – Railways

Super fine carbon deposits are some of the hardest contaminants to remove from train roofs and front ends. Carbon ingrains into surfaces and traditionally needs a caustic type cleaner to clean it away. That is until Max Safe TFR with its paramagnetic technology came along. Now the charged carbon particles are actively attracted away from the surface and then held in suspension ready to be easily and safely washed away.



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