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What are safe graffiti removers?

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“Safe” is a subjective term, especially when applied to modern graffiti removal products. Here at Urban Hygiene Ltd, we believe safe graffiti removers are products that carry no hazard warning symbols on their packaging so can officially carry the title “Safe”.

In the past graffiti removing chemicals, such as methylene chloride, have been found to be extremely dangerous and even carcinogenic, so choosing safe graffiti removal products is ever so important. Whether you’re a member of the general public or a skilled graffiti removal profesional using safer graffiti removal chemicals has to be of benefit to both you and the environment.

Look out for Dangerous, Flammable, Irritant, Harmful and all Red Triangle Warning Symbols. These are certainly the graffiti removers to avoid if possible.

For most graffiti removal jobs mild and safe graffiti removers will clean any graffiti without damage occurring tho the substrate underneath and without the risk of dangerous chemicals getting into the watercourse – another worry if you’re using strong graffiti removal agents.

Signs, street furniture, roller shutters and almost all hard surfaces can all be cleaned with safe graffiti removers and the cloths, dusters or wipes that are used can then simply and safely be disposed of in bins.

Next time you’re looking for a graffiti remover try and choose something safe. You’ll be surprised how effective they are.

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Safe graffiti remover spray

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