Cleaning Products

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  • easy-off Super Thick Gel Graffiti Remover - 20Ltr
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    Graffiti Remover Gel

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  • Adhesive and Sticky Gum Glue Remover - 100ml Spray Out of stock
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    Adhesive Remover

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  • Anti-Mould Wall and Ceiling Varnish - 4.5ltr
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    Anti-Mould Varnish

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    Hard Surface Cleaner

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    Chewing Gum Remover

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    Multi-Surface Cleaner

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  • Toolclean Spraygun Wash & Tool Cleaner
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    Tool Cleaner

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Urban Hygiene’s cleaning product range is growing steadily with new products being added each week. Although our core offering will always be anti-graffiti products we recognize the demand from our customers for more janitorial cleaning supplies and aim to increase these on our website over the next coming months. We currently offer a good range of Multi-Surface Cleaners, Chewing Gum Removers, and home improvement type products, all on next day delivery and with no minimum order quantity.