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Class 1 Paint


easy-guard Class 1 Fire Retardant Paint is a two coat fire upgrade system (primer + Intumescent) that successfully upgrades the Exova Warrington Fire “Blue Board” to Class 1 when tested to BS476 Parts 6 and 7. In communal areas, such as those found in tower blocks, layers of paint can build up and present a fire risk. Flames can spread around a building using existing coatings as fuel. easy-guard Fire Retardant Paint safely encapsulates those dangerous coating layers and retards fires from spreading, enabling building owners and fire safety officers to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. (anti-graffiti coating compatible)

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  • Fire Retardant Paint system
  • Blue Board tested to BS476
  • Available in RAL and BS colours
  • Encapsulate flammable paint
  • Apply by brush, roller or spray
  • Fire Resistant Intumescent Paint
  • Compatible with anti-graffiti coating
  • Decorative finish for your walls
  • Upgrades combustible surfaces
  • Fire Retardant internal paint
  • Prevents surface spread of flame
  • Water-based and quick drying
  • A must for all communal areas
  • Avoids costly paint stripping
  • Solvent Free upgrade system
  • Encapsulates multi-layer paint


Onsite inter-coat adhesion testing:

Prior to the application of any Fire Upgrade Coating, an onsite adhesion test must take place. This is to ensure the existing coats of paint are not delaminating and will not delaminate in the future.

(Onsite adhesion testing is carried out Free Of Charge by Urban Hygiene Fire Safety Officers and a full report is given. Please contact us to arrange your free report prior to the purchase of any easy-guard system.)

easy-guard Fire Upgrade Primer:

Once the onsite adhesion test is completed and inter-coat adhesion is proven to be sound, the application of easy-guard Fire Upgrading Primer can take place. easy-guard Fire Upgrading Primer is water based and ensures the maximum bond is formed between the existing coats of paint and the newly applied easy-guard system. easy-guard Fire Upgrading Primer is an ‘active’ part of the Fire Upgrade System and carries many of the intumescent particles required to achieve the Exova Warrington Certified Fire Upgrade. For this reason, care must be taken to correctly apply easy-guard Primer in accordance with the manufacturer’s application instructions.

easy-guard Fire Upgrade Colour Coat:

easy-guard Fire Upgrading Colour Coat is available in any RAL or BS colour, also water based easy-guard Colour Coat is safe to apply and forms the decorative part of the Fire Upgrade System. Care has been taken to only use the best ingredients to ensure the finest of paint finishes.

easy-on Durable Anti-Graffiti Finish (optional):

The easy-guard Fire Upgrade Coating System can be over-coated with easy-on Durable Anti-Graffiti Coating and has been tested by Warrington Fire as a complete entity. The application of easy-on ensures graffiti and the subsequent overzealous cleaning that often takes place will not compromise your Fire Upgrade Coating efforts. When applied as a complete system (easy-guard + easy-on) you can be assured of a Fire Upgraded and graffiti protected wall that will remain effective for 20+ years.

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