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Urban Hygiene is expanding… 

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Thanks to a healthy 2016 and a promising start to 2017 Urban Hygiene is expanding by adding nearly 100 pallet bays to one corner of our warehouse. This year will see UH manufacturing and carrying more products than ever before and we will be producing additional lines to support our already successful anti-graffiti, graffiti removal and wall and floor protection solutions.

All this expansion means that we were in at the weekend emptying the Urban Hygiene warehouse so we could bring in the new pallet racking and assemble it without getting in the way of our fulfilment team with customer orders ready for dispatch.

The whole job went really well and apart from a few stiff legs, backs and arms this Monday morning we completed it without incident and are ever so proud of our efforts – the warehouse looks great!

The process of filling the bays can start in earnest this week so look out for the new products coming through and let us know if there’s something synergistic to our existing product range that you’d like us to produce / source or store for you. We’ve certainly got the space now and are looking forward to supplying all our customers in our customary super quick fashion.

Urban Hygiene's new pallet racking goes in
The existing racking emptied and the new stuff starts going up (Roy’s having a rest already!).


Halfway there.... my backs killing!
It’s a heavy old job. Thank goodness for the trusty Urban Hygiene forklift truck.


Anti-graffiti coatings and graffiti removers on racking
This corner of the UH warehouse has never looked so clean and empty!


Plenty of space for anti-graffiti coatings, graffiti removers and graffiti wipes
New pallet bays means we can produce and hold more anti-graffiti stock than ever before.



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