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Invisible Graffiti Coat


The world beating Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI coating solution grants invisible permanent graffiti protection for all porous mineral building materials and in incredible, superfast 10 MINUITE drying time. Once considered the impossible “Holy Grail” of anti-graffiti coatings and paint systems this ready to use and easy-to apply graffiti resistant miracle must be seen to be believed. Supplied by Urban Hygiene Ltd and chosen by Highways, Rail Companies, Housing Associations and Heritage organisations Protectosil Invisible Permanent ANTIGRAFFITI coating is the anti-graffiti solution we’ve all been looking for.


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  • Invisible, permanent ANTIGRAFFITI
  • Superfast 10-minute drying time!!
  • Protects porous building materials
  • Resists all forms of graffiti vandalism
  • Repels water, oil, solvents, and dirt
  • Renders substrate hydro & oleophobic
  • Resists repeated graffiti removal
  • System reapplication not required
  • Apply to brick, Sandstone, concrete
  • HVLP spray applied: 10psi / 1.5mm
  • Primer plus two coat AG system
  • The “Holy-Grail” of anti-graffiti systems
  • Clean with easy-off safe graffiti remover
  • High pressure washer compatible
  • Perfect for heritage marble and granite